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New Canaan Electrical Services

D. Sal Electrical Contractors offers a variety of electrical services to meet the needs of residential clients or commercial companies in the New Canaan area. From complete electrical design and installation to simple residential repairs, you can rely on our team of certified, skilled and experienced electricians to quickly and efficiently perform the work you require. Listed here are a few of the services that D. Sal Electrical Contractors can provide: We will be happy to answer any of your service questions.

The Residential and Commercial Electrical services we offer are:

    • New Canaan Emergency Service
    • Our team offers emergency electrical services for residential or commercial environments. Our company ensures that your electrical emergency can be dealt with as soon as possible so that you can resume your activities without delay and avoid being in a potentially dangerous situation.

    • New Canaan Electrical Repair / Replacement Parts
    • We keep an extensive inventory of replacement parts on-site to guarantee we can fix whatever problem you may have in a timely manner.

    • New Canaan Electrical Design and Installation
    • Whether for a newly constructed house or commercial building, or even for the addition of outdoor lighting in your garden or landscape, our electricians have the knowledge and experience to offer complete electrical design and installation services.

    • New Canaan Wiring and Cabling Services
    • We offer wiring and cabling services for most devices, from security cameras to office or home office networking

And much, much more: We guarantee that we can assist you with any and all electrical problems or projects you may have. Give us a call today for advice and information, or to schedule an appointment with one of our electricians.

Other Electrical services in the New Canaan area.

    • New Canaan Residential and commercial wiring
    • Upgrade and repair for new houses and remodels.

    • New Canaan Appliance and lighting installations
    • Electrical circuit installations to latest electrical code requirements.

    • New Canaan Architectural lighting design
    • Installation of fixtures to meet any mood or highlight decor.

    • New Canaan Data network and telephone installations
    • Wireless or wired computer circuits and telephone lines for home or office.

    • New Canaan Power meter and electrical panel service
    • Service upgrades and replacements for safety and reliability.

    • New Canaan Bathroom and spa wiring
    • Code compliant circuit installation, shock protection, and GFI circuit installations.

    • New Canaan Exterior lighting and power supply
    • Underground electrical circuits, concealed mood lighting & sensors.

    • New Canaan Audio-visual and home automation
    • Concealed audiovisual speaker and cable wiring for multi-room systems

For more information about our services, please contact us by phone at (203) 322-8963 or by email.

Electrical Tips

  • Circuit - This is the path an electric current travels from where it enters your house, through a panel, across wires and finally into an electrical device, then back to its origination point.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter - Known as the GFCI, this is a special circuit breaker installed in bathrooms, garages, and outdoors locations. When a current leakage occurs the GFCI opens the circuit immediately, stopping the electricity from running to it.
  • Circuit breakers - They are located in the electrical panels and are heavy duty safety switches that serve the same purpose as fuses.
  • Grounding - This requires all metal parts of any wiring system or anything connected to it will be maintained at 0 volts during a short circuit to protect shock or death.